HRE has an arsenal of National level and proven race winning engines. We are capable of leasing our Race Dept. engines on a race by race basis, or seasonal basis. Therefore you do not make a capital investment in an engine classification as it may be your last year in the class, or you simply want to rent proven materials and you would like us to maintain the package. No problem, we have the necessary materials available to lease and you can be instantly capable of being at the front of the grid with our units. We are capable of providing engines only or complete packages including: Engine mounts and exhaust systems. These can be prepared and available to your particular classification and race event.


HRE will post from time to time our engines of which we have taken in on trade, or cycling through our Race Department. These engines will be sold in perfect condition with either one race, or fully freshened. All engines will be dyno broken-in to assure performance. Check our listings below.

prices & Blueprinting

Blueprint Features:

  • Yamaha KT-100 or KPV  Engine
  • Precision Machined & Aligned   Cases
  • Precision Machined Cylinder-top & bottom concentric to bore
  • Proper Port Finish
  • Flowed & Blueprinted  Carburetor
  • Flexible Low Speed Needle
  • Precision Honed Cylinder
  • O+H TiN Coated (Gold)Ring
  • Race Proven Head Design
  • Precision Ignition Timing
  • Proper Port Timing
  • Teflon-Carbon Coated Seals
  • Chain Guard/TCI Mount
  • High Flow Billet Filter Adaptor
  • Upgraded bearings & piston pin
  • Carburator blueprinting

Blueprinted Engines
All engines are FULLY BLUEPRINTED with upgraded components, including DYNO break-in service.

  • YAMANHA KT100 - 1850.00
  • LEOPARD engine kit complete - 3250.00
  • ROK TT engine kit complete - 3550.00
  • KPV engine kit complete  -  2400.00
  • COMER engine Complete  - 1850.00 
  • COMER  C-51 Kid kart engine - 1600.00 
  • TAG CADET 60 MINI ROK  engine kit Complete - 2450.00                      

        Labor Rates \ Comprehensive Rebuilding & Blueprinting


  • YAMAHA BLUEPRINT  - $650.00 plus parts (includes  case sleeving & deck)
  • KPV-100  BLUEPRINT - $600.00 plus parts (IKF)  650.00 plus parts (WKA) 
  • TAG SENIOR - Complete Bluepprint - 650.00 - 600.00 plus parts
  • COMER K-80 BLUEPRINT  - 650.00 plus parts (includes case sleeving and deck) 
  • COMER C-51 BLUEPRINT  - 450.00 plus parts  
  • Yamaha, KPV, Comer, TAG  Complete Rebuild - $360.00 plus parts
  • Yamaha or KPV upper end rebuild & true crank assembly - $240.00 plus parts  
  • Engine Break-in only - 75.00
  • Dyno Tuning & break-in - 100.00 TAG 150.00 

 Note: all prices are subject to change w\o notice.