We provide new engine blueprinting and new engine packages. We also rebuild and blueprint existing racing engines. We will prepare your current engine to our latest evolution or specification. Or, if you have a specific application or engine package you would like prepared to your specification we can accommodate your  needs and requests.

We break-in all engines before they are delivered on our dyno. This assures that the engine runs and is broken in  properly. It also assures that you have not lost precious track time breaking in  your engine at a race. HRE also offers Dyno tuning services. In addition to break- in services. We can also dyno tune your engine and optimize its power delivery. This assists you in knowing exactly how your engine tunes. This is not always necessary, but if you desire we can provide this service.

HRE also sells spares as a complimentary service to our clients. We provide materials  like clutches, clutch components, exhaust systems, and engine mounts. We also provide spare engine components and data aquisition: Blueprinted carburetors,  carb rebuild kits and MyChron gauges.  

HRE can also provide one on one track side consultation and personal service. Our technicians can be hired by appointment to consult on a private or group basis and work with you and your driver to maximize your package.